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Andalusian industry boasts the highest weight in GDP in two decades

🚀 Big news for Andalusia’s industry! 🌟

The manufacturing industry in #Andalusia is on the rise, with the sector accounting for 13.5% of the region’s GDP in 2022 – the highest share in over two decades! 🙌

In 2021, the #industry grew by 5%, two points higher than the national average, resulting in a significant increase in its weight in the region’s economic structure. Despite challenges such as rising energy costs and difficulties in global supply chains, the industry’s contribution to Spain’s Gross Value Added (GVA) increased from 9.97% in 2021 to 10.86% in 2022 – an impressive feat! 💪

The #manufacturing industry is the main driver of this growth, with employment increasing from 459,484 workers in 2015 to 529,089 in 2021. This growth is accompanied by greater job stability, with a 26.5% temporary employment rate in 2021. 👨‍💼👩‍💼

There’s also good news on the export front, with a 25.5% increase in the number of industrial companies exporting in 2021 compared to 2015, and a 34.6% increase in their turnover during this period. 📈

This success is thanks to a shift in the Junta’s industrial policy, which prioritizes clean energy and green #hydrogen as drivers of Andalusia’s industrialization. This approach is also supported by the mining sector as a key supplier of raw materials for digital transformation. 🌱💡

To achieve these goals, the Junta de Andalucía has implemented three action plans, with the first, CRECE Industria 2021-2022, resulting in 3,170 projects receiving support, including 352 in high and medium-high technology sectors, with a total investment of €6.757 billion. The projects are expected to create almost 40,000 jobs – more than triple the initial forecast! 🌟

Overall, the Junta’s strategy has been successful, with the approval of eight sectoral plans, including those for stone and marble, cement, chemicals, wood and furniture, metallurgy, textiles, leather, and footwear, and construction industries.

The region’s industrial promotion through Extenda – Andalucía Exportación e Inversión Extranjera and Invest in Andalucía. Spain has also been crucial to its growth, with 33 projects committed, generating an estimated investment of over €138 million and the creation of 2,127 direct jobs. 🙌👏

What great news for Andalusia’s industry! 🎉🎊