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Andalucía Aerospace and Trade Collaborate to Enhance International Presence of Andalusian Aerospace Industry

🤝 Counselor Carolina España and Antonio Gomez-Guillamon have signed a collaboration agreement between ANDALUCÍA AEROSPACE Cluster Empresarial and Trade to promote the Andalusian aerospace industry abroad 🌍

📈 Andalucía Aerospace becomes a collaborating entity of Andalucía Trade to promote the internationalization of the sector. In 2022, Andalusia contributed 2,134 million euros in exports, an increase of 39% over the previous year.

💼 Both entities will work together to design international promotion strategies and annual actions tailored to the Andalusian aerospace industry, taking advantage of their resources, programs and activities.

🌟 Andalucía Trade is responsible for promoting economic and business development in the region, including foreign investment and internationalization.

🚀 Andalucía Aerospace is a private cluster that represents Andalusian aerospace companies, promoting their strengthening and positioning in the national and international market.

🌎 The Andalusian aerospace industry is one of the main poles in Europe, generating 5.7% of the Gross Value Added (GVA) of the industry in Andalusia and 30.5% of the GVA of the aerospace industry in Spain. It has 140 companies and more than 12,000 jobs.

💪 The signed agreement strengthens the collaboration between Andalucía Aerospace and Trade, allowing the joint selection of internationalization actions and the exchange of information on interested companies and internationalization strategies.

🌍 Andalucía Trade will provide training services, information, consultancy and commercial actions in all markets worldwide to Andalucía Aerospace and its associated companies.

📈 The Andalusian aerospace sector is highly internationalized, with 71 exporting companies in 2022. Its main markets are European, but it is also experiencing significant growth in non-European markets such as Turkey, the United States, Bangladesh and Mali.

🗓️ In 2023, a program of 15 internationalization actions has been planned for the aerospace sector, including participation in the Paris Air Show Le Bourget International Fair and the presentation of Aerospace & Defense Meeting- ADM Seville 2024.

✈️ This agreement promotes public-private collaboration and positions Andalusia as a leader in exports, highlighting the final assembly of the Airbus A400M as a flagship project for the region.

📷 Europa Press